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Can't help what inspires me, but I just love to share!

8 September 1974
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Where to begin?? Originally born and raised in the 'city of brotherly love', then moved in 96' to 'the natural state' (yes, I know, what the hell is in Arkansas, don't ask *wink*) where I resided for 10 years. I eventually set up roots here in Florida after my husband's job changed in 06' (convienently close to my immediate family). I'm bonifide Inu fanatic since watching the series in 03'. My husband is one as well, just not to my extreme (*grinning from ear to ear*). I'm a amature artist and been on hiatus from my art for 10 years. Just started drawing again and the Inu Crew sparked my desire to get it down on paper again. I've got 4 pups (kids to all not of the Inu circle) of my own, and the oldest has taken a keen interest my drawings. I'm tring to write my own fic but it's very slow going. Drawing comes a bit more natural than writing.