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All my school age kidlings had projects to do this weekend.  Oldest had to start her experiments for her science fair project.  Brandon had to finish a log hot plate for boy scouts.  And Michelle.......well........she had to make a space helmet and jet pack for science class to explore new worlds and to boldly go where no one has gone before........  LOL   I looked to hubby for ideas.  He just threw his hands up and said, "don't look at me, you're the artistic one."   *rolls eyes*  I had to put my MacGyver hat on to figure out how to do this one.  One used ice cream bucket, 2 plastic Folgers containers, aluminum foil, some twine, tissue paper, couple of drapery ties, nuts and bolts, and duct tape later; Michelle is set to blast off!!!

Pics of Michelle's madien voyageCollapse )</div>

Not the greatest project I've ever done but the looks I got from Hubby while helping her make it had me rolling on the floor.   He quirked his eyebrow at me and said, "at least her bottom with be warm from her jet pack when she's exploring."  *giggling*

But the projects are now done, and the art!bunnies are calling for me to hurry up because I've got a lot of work to do.  *smirking*
Sorry, I haven't been around the past couple weeks.  Dealing with life sucks sometimes, but everything happens for a reason.  I'm a firm believer in that.  But last weekend took me totally off guard and I had to deal with a situation way before I was emotionally ready to.

Just my emotional venting.......Collapse ) 

Time heals all wounds and things will get better.  They've got too, right???  *sighs*  It just doesn't seem like it at the moment.
Ok, my brain has been sent into overdrive.  Now, I'm drawing fan!art before the fiction has been wrote.  LOL  Knittingknots and I have been discussing YT a lot and this possible senario came up and my bunnies pounced on it. 

The art!bunnies feeding frenzy!Collapse )

Look if you dare!!! Muhahahaha!!!

My girlfriend sent me another little tid bit.  I found this extremely funny, especially if you were just driving through the neighborhood minding your own business when this catches your eye. 

What you could see on Halloween.....Collapse )</div>What you might see on halloween....Collapse )</div>I get goofy when I'm medicated for pain. Hope I did scare any body too much!  LOL

My Bunnies are asking for overtime pay

My bunnies have been busy this weekend.   I got my pics for InuE  completed and had time to do a third that was on my 'to do' list.  My InuE pics won't be posted till November and they also have to pass KK 's inspection.  I don't think that's going to a problem.  LOL   My third drawing of the weekend just happens to inspired by another of KK's drabbles 'Painful Lesson'.   Which has been locked in my head since I read it.  Of course, this is Inu and Kagome post manga.   (my bunnies haven't let me do anything else lately, LOL)   I hope you enjoy!
Painful LessonCollapse )

For the Yashita Fangirlz out there!!!!

My bunnies have been after me for a awhile to redraw a few of pics since I now have a leash on Canon.  *grinning*  They all but demanded Yashita be redone.  So, I went back over some notes and incorpated them into the pic.  But the one thing that stuck out in my mind was from Feni's oneshot Whispers where Kagome is saying to Eri "I mean, how can anybody that gorgeous be so grouchy? With his looks, he can't lack for women chasing after him…"  So, to all the Yashita fangirlz, I hope I don't disappoint you with my newest rendition of our favorite dogboy 'undercover', but I just had to do it.  *doggishly smirking*

Sensei Yashita RevisitedCollapse )

My angst bunny Liz has been pent up too long.  She whined for the last 2 weeks to let her out to do this.  Glad I did or she probably would have blew a gasket by the looks of Inu's face.  *shudders*  Plus, I think my feral mood for the last week kinda helped a little.  Didn't know I could draw Inu so scary with out him being in youkai mode.  LOL

Having Inu pissed off with who ever hurt Kagome (post manga, mind you) was driving force of this piece.

Not real good at drawing perspectively.  But it was worth a shot, eh???

I hope you enjoy!!!


Baring His FangsCollapse )
My art!bunnies accepted a challenge from InuhanyouNikkie.  And after much contemplation, this is what my art bunnies came up with.  Ear rubbing and leg thumping is the inspiration.   Dog boy is either enjoying himself too much or Kagome slipped him something into his ramen.  LOL  Never know when my bunny Boots has free reign.  I hope this brings a smile to your face, it has mine. 

Cheeziness abound!!!!!Collapse )

Attack of the Art!Bunnies

My art!bunnies worked me overtime on this one. I've had this image in my mind for a while and the bunnies decided 10 PM Sunday night to say "hey, we need to draw that right now!" Once they demand a piece, I can only but comply with thier wishes or they give me a nasty migrain.

Art!Bunny Inspiration!!!!!Collapse )

Happy Birthday, Mama KK!!!!

Yep, I gifting Knittingknots another pic for her fic Yesterday's Tomorrows.  It's her Birthday and so I'm giving her what I do best.  Since my writing divas have gone back into hibernation, my art bunnies took up the challange.  *grinning*  When she writes fuffy snuggley Inu/Kag scenes that have me swooning and my art bunnies hopping, how can I not gift  her imagination on paper.  Of course, teasing me with bits of her chapters all week long keeps me bunnies wanting more.  So hopfully I will have Pink, Fabio, and Cotton sated with a visual of their writing fluff and will let KK have her birthday in peace.  LOL

A close up is at my DA page:

Happy Birthday, KK!!!!  *Whoo Hoo!!!*